We have created a perfect way to get over the hump with

Wine Down Wednesday’s!

This is a summer time special due to day light savings as we normally conduct this in the late afternoon / early evening.

Wine Down Wednesdays PaddleboardingOnce all of our Guest have checked in; we will pour a glass of Wine (Non-Alcoholic Substitutes by Request) and enjoy some strawberries, grapes, cheese, and crackers. A toast to a Safe SUP Journey and New Friendship before setting out on a Sunset Paddle (Times can be adjusted by request).

This is a relaxing Paddle with no destination established until the group decides or the guide will lead everyone on one of our favorite routes. Guest are welcome to bring a cooler to continue our relaxing trip on the water; we do not ask what is in your cooler, but do ask everyone to respect one another and to be responsible!

The Paddle launches from our Showroom Dock and returns to the same. It typically last 2 hours, but we ask that nobody comes in a hurry. Once we return to the showroom; we want to finish the remaining wine, cheese, crackers, and fruit.
We only use like new equipment, which is all included. Our Guides are experienced, safe, friendly, and well trained to provide great service because we all have a passion for what we do.

We encourage you to visit our Facebook, TripAdvisor, or YELP Reviews to read the thousand of compliments and pictures to show how much we care.

Small Groups will include 1 Guide, medium groups will include 2 Guides, and large groups will include 3 Guides.
As an added bonus:

Guides are equipped with our Trademark SUPSmart Waterproof Phone Cases to take pictures and post on our Facebook Page by your request.

The Guides work gratuitously and welcome your special request.

Our location on the river has a large deck for extra functions like catering food, drinks, or Birthday Cake :).

We are capable of supplying food and beverage or you may bring your own.

We have several activities to choose from, so prices will be based on your selection.

Please call our Corporate # (305) 879-4220