Sunrise Paddleboards can make your Birthday or Special Occasion a special day to remember.

Full Moon PaddleWe have created a unique and original experience for those wanting something different from the same old traditional parties.  We only use like new equipment, which is all included.  We continually improve from our experiences and have catered kids, teens, young adults, middle aged, and seniors.

Our guides are experienced, safe, friendly, and well trained to provide great service because we all have a passion for what we do.

We encourage you to visit our Facebook, TripAdvisor, or YELP Reviews to read the thousand of compliments and pictures to show how much we care.

A Party can be as few as 6 people and as many as 33 people.  

Small Groups will include 1 Guide, medium groups will include 2 Guides, and large groups will include 3 Guides.

As an added bonus:

  • Guides are equipped with our Trademark SUPSmart Waterproof Phone Cases to take pictures and post on our Facebook Page by your request.
  • The Guides work gratuitously and welcome your special request.
  • Our location on the river has a large deck for extra functions like catering food, drinks, or Birthday Cake :).
  • We are capable of supplying food and beverage or you may bring your own.
  • We have several activities to choose from, so prices will be based on your selection.

If your group is mostly beginners; then our most popular choice is our Island Cit ECO Paddle and Lesson.  We can add variations to any of our activities to customize your special event.  Out activities average 2 hours on the water, plus the time it takes for check-in, launch, and getting everyone off the water safely.

Please allow additional time if you choose to celebrate on the deck before or after the paddle.

Please call our Corporate # (305) 879-4220