We are proud to originate an incredible Paddle and Snorkel to a BioRock.

We will meet at our designated Beach location and prepare the boards with all the gear. This is NOT a SUP Lesson, however our Instructors will brief and train you on proper ocean paddle boarding techniques, snorkeling basics, and marine safety before leading you out to the BioRock and Reef Systems where we will moor the boards together and begin a “drift dive” over gorgeous multicolored corals and wide variety of marine life!  In the distance you will quickly see the 2 buoys covered with Solar Panels which allow the sunlight to produce low voltage and a safe trickle charge to mesh steel structures located on the bottom of the sea.

Your Instructor will lead you to bear witness to the first coral reef habitat and restoration project in the USA.  For more details visit our friend at:  www.BioRockUSA.com

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is considered to be the Best Beach Dive in Florida.  We believe this Restoration Project and our Tour makes this the Best in the Country and definitely not found anywhere else.  Beyond the Project are 3 Reef Lines for us to investigate.

While “The Great Barrier Reef” in Australia has a world known reputation and is a beautiful and extraordinary Reef; we have quietly become the second most visited reef system in the world mainly because of its size and distance from the shoreline.  Most of the reefs are in less than 20 feet of water, paddle boarding over them and then snorkeling is a great way to see them; so Founder Brian Galton combined them board into one awesome tour and another Sunrise Paddleboard Original Tour!  In case you have never paddled on a SUP before and even if you have: then we suggest our Original Signature and  our World Famous “Venice of America” Lesson and Tour.

Snorkeling is fun because you just need to be a confident swimmer to take a look at the underwater world!

Reef Paddle and Snorkel 2On any given day you may watch Eels slither through Coral Caves, or see Grouper, Sea Turtles, Florida’s Spiny Lobster, Protected Corals, Rust-Colored Barrel Sponges, Sea Fans, and a variety of Tropical Fish found throughout the Caribbean. Come experience it all first person, not from an aquarium!  We also have a few other local spots suited for all ability levels, from the “Nursery” to the “Ledges” and “Erojacks” reefs!

Reef Paddle and Snorkel Beach Launch*Tours should be Reserved in Advance. However, we may be able to accommodate immediately if the ocean is safe and or calm!  We love this Tour and can’t do it enough!  🙂

*Vouchers must be Reserved by Advanced Reservations.

*72 Hour Cancellation Notice is Required and Reservations cancelled within 24 hours of event start time cannot be refunded due to our limited capacity of guest.  If the trip is cancelled due to weather or rough conditions; then you may choose to reschedule or be refunded.

Call (954) 440-4562 or For Special Request (305) 879-4220

Live feed courtesy of the Wind Jammer Resort in Lauderdale-by-the-sea, FL