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This Class is by Advanced Reservation Only and for a Group of 4 or more people. Individuals may join Classes announced via our Meetup Group or call (954) 440-4562.

If a picture is worth a thousand words; then here are 3,000 reasons to try Paddle Fit! As luck would have it; we first came across Josh paddling on the river passing the back of our new showroom. Our customers pointed him out and said “WOW”, if that is what I will look like from paddling then count me in! :) Our path’s were destined as other locals had already told of us of a Trainer from the World Gym that was a “Diehard Paddler” using Paddleboarding as a means Personal Fitness and Training.

Founder, Brian Galton says that paddleboarding burns 5 – 10 times the amount of calories versus biking, which is one of the many reasons Paddleboarding has become the fastest growing sport in the world. Brian is an experienced Mountain Biker, but says he switched gears when realizing the elements of combining outdoor fitness, water, and the techniques used with Standup Paddleboards. We have been wanting to start a Fitness Program from day 1, but the growth of the company and our many other Activities has kept us patiently waiting for the right person.

fitness02Josh Smart is a perfect fit for Sunrise Paddleboards, who strives to be the very best. The company has become the #1 seller of paddleboards for the largest manufacturer of paddleboards in the world in addition to recently adding its own factory here in Florida to its arsenal. We are Innovators and while we did not invent Paddle Fitness; we intend to take it to a top notch level as in everything we do. Josh is the absolute best person to start our Program and we are only just beginning to break the ice, says Brian. Our goal is to provide beginners or experienced individuals with a program that helps promote a healthy lifestyle by improving your technique in a way that leads you to achieving your goals.

The class takes place on the middle river where the waters are stretched a distance away from the stronger currents of the Intracoastal, but within close enough distance to test our endurance out should we wish to travel that route. Your core muscles will engage like never before as you develop total body control, stability, balance, and performance on the water. Yu will explore your body while exploring nature to discover a completely different type of workout. Josh will show you the correct stroke and form to enjoy a dynamic and versatile workout while increasing core strength, giving you greater flexibility, mobility and stability around the hips, midsection and shoulders. Our Paddle Fit class starts with a warm-up and upper body strengthening moves followed by a combination of sprints, power paddles and exercises done on the board meant to target each muscle group including legs, back, abs/core, et We will get your heart rate up so that you burn the maximum amount of calories possible. There will be different levels of difficulty within the class and each week the participants will be guaranteed to notice your improvements.