Fitness 17Paddleboard Fitness 101

(2 hour) $40

Most classes run 2 hours, but can be adjusted to suit your ability.

Paddleboard Fitness is all about you.  Meaning we cater your personal cardio and strength to your abilities on the board and water.  Our Paddleboard Fitness Instructor, Jenna is a Certified Personal Trainer and is able to adapt the workout to anyone’s fitness levels. Exercising on the water combines your strength, endurance, and balance to maximize your personal gains.  The need to stabilize the board benefits your core and uses body parts that normally get neglected.  This type of workout is also incredible for the entire body, from shoulders and arms, to back and abs and everything below.  Whether you want a comfortable workout designed for toning or a hardcore muscle workout to challenge you; then we cater your needs.

Fitness 14This class is structured in mind of basic self endurance and self strengthening exercises like planks, side planks, fire hydrants, push ups, mild to rigorous paddling and balancing poses that are intensified with a paddleboard instead of the ground. Resistance bands can also be used on the boards to add resistance training.

Fitness 3The best part about this workout is the location. With our shop dropping right into Middle River it’s easier to predict the currents and many times the winds and currents are used as added resistance. 🙂 It’s a gym like none other…water, birds, iguana, palms, and fresh air.

During the traditional class, the first hour and fifteen minutes is all about challenging fitness levels, next we take time to stretch.  After finishing up with the stretch it’s time to enjoy the quietness of the water and meditate on all the yummy energy just created, and then ends with a moderate paddle back to the shop.

This class is for every fitness level.