GROUP LESSONS: (Most Popular)


We offer two (2) Group Lessons:  Our Signature Paddle created by Founder, Brian Galton in 2010 is our now World Famous “Venice Of America” Lesson and Tour.  We start everyone straight off the dock in the knee position after basic techniques have already been reviewed with the group. We will have most everyone standing up before we even get out of the Marina.  During the Tour we observe everyone and provide assistance to those needing or wanting some extra attention.

Our Showroom Location offers the Island City “ECO” Paddle and Lesson Everyday by Reservation.  This is more natural in the calmer waters of the Middle River and on towards a 9.3 Acre Nature Reserve where we will enter via a Lagoon surrounding us in Mangroves.  This is awesome during manatee season!

Both paddles have detailed pages within this site.  These Tours last approximately 2 hours and you may request some additional alone time once we have completed the Group Paddle.  Both are extremely popular and favorites by locals whom have selected us Best in Town!


Snick and DadAt Sunrise Paddleboards, you get more then just a Lesson.  The private lesson is ideal for those who prefer personal attention wanting more education at a pace designed for the individuals, couples, or families.  Your Instructor will discuss the history of the sport, different activities in our rapidly growing industry, paddleboard etiquette, paddleboard control, and even facts about our waterways and or the surrounding environment.  Plus, for those considering a board purchase or just wanting to know about the differences in Paddleboards; we can explain the differences in the widths, lengths, and design of the Paddleboards.

This Lesson can be done in under an hour, but we offer you extra time.  The Instructor will cover Basic Techniques and Demonstrate different Positions on the Board.  A Private Lesson allows you more time to ask questions relating to Paddleboards or just general interest of the Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas!

Our Instructors will having you standing in no time and then we will paddle at a near distance to observe your techniques so we can make suggestions for improving your technique.  Once we feel you have mastered the basic techniques, we will review what you learned and give you another opportunity to discuss or practice anything under the supervision of an Instructor.  We know you will love this knew sport and many of you will want some more time to paddle without a voice in your ear.

So go ahead and relax!  Our Lesson includes some free time to just enjoy being on the water:  Go Exploring, Lay on your Board, Paddle Fast or Lay Down to absorb the natural beauty of being on the water surrounded by our awesome tropical environment.  Your Instructor will be waiting for you at the dock if you care to have extended time courtesy of Sunrise Paddleboards.  Take your time, as we give you as much time as you wish to practice and or test your new skills!


This is for Renters who have never stood on a paddle board and prefer a Brief Beginners Lesson.  An Instructor will show you Prone, Knee, and Stand Up Positions and all the Basic Paddling Techniques to have you standing up pronto.  Once we have you standing up; we will mentor you on your techniques and make a few improvements before letting you go on your Rentals.  The Lesson does not take away any time from your Reservation and if your nice we may give you a little extra time :).

For more details call (954) 440-4562