A Super Moon is when the moon is the absolute closest to the Earth. We will watch the moon come off the horizon not only the closest, but also in it’s biggest form before it rises too far up in the sky as the hours pass. So this moon is going to be AWESOME to watch arise!

Come enjoy the moon with us on the paddle boards as we cruise through the waterways letting its light guide us.

$32 paddle board
$32 kayak
$55 tandem (2 person) kayak
$16 with your own vessel
FREE if you purchased your paddle board here at Sunrise Paddleboards.

All rentals include the board, life jackets, leash, navigation lights, glow necklaces, and of course pictures always complimentary.

Please call[masked] to reserve your spot, please don’t just RSVP, as we need a proper head count to ensure availability for everyone. Full Moon Paddles sell out very frequently. I hope to see you all there!