Join us as we paddleboard out to one of Ft Lauderdale’s World Class Reefs, where we will snorkel and admire the wonderful tropical marine environment! Beginning at one of our designated beach locations*, a Sunrise Paddleboard Instructor will brief and train you on proper paddleboarding techniques, snorkeling basics, and marine safety before leading you out to the reef, where we will tie the boards together and begin a “drift dive” over gorgeous multicolored corals and wide variety of marine life! 

Fort Lauderdale’s coral reef systems are some of the few close enough to shore for visitors to swim out and take a “Beach Dive”. Because of its size and distance from the shoreline, our reef is second only the Great Barrier reef, making it the second most visited reef in the world! As most of the reefs are in less than 20 feet of water, paddleboarding over them and then snorkeling is a great way to see them; so we combined two of the best things to do at our beaches (Paddleboard and Snorkel) into one Awesome Tour! Snorkeling is fun because you just need to be a confident swimmer to take a look at the underwater world. We have a few local spots suited for most fitness and ability levels, from the “Nursery” to the “Ledges” and “Erojacks” reefs! On any given day you may watch eels slither through coral caves, or see Grouper, Sea Turtles, Florida’s Spiny Lobster, Protected Corals, Rust-Colored Barrel Sponges, Sea Fans, and a variety of Tropical Fish found throughout the Caribbean. Come experience it all first person, not from an aquarium!

This Tour is Sponsored by Sunrise Paddleboards.  The Tour is normally $125 including all equipment and gear, however Members of this group may join for only $50 All-Inclusive, $25 if you bring your own board. Limited space is available, so you must call in advance and reserve your spot: (954) 440-4562.

We will call all confirmed guests at 8 am the day of the tour to give meetup location and the OK on weather and ocean condition. If the weather or ocean are not favorable we will alter this tour to our Venice of America Tour.