This is perfect for First Timers and or Beginners wanting to improve.

This will be the easiest and funnest Paddle Board Lesson.  We conduct Lessons in the calmest waters with a beautiful tropical setting!  The boards are in like new condition and are hand picked; so we select a very stable board for your first experience.  The Lesson takes less then 30 minutes and then you can practice what you learn.  You may return to the dock with Instructors ready to answer your questions as often or as little as makes you comfortable.  If you have been wanting to try this and have just been a little hesitant; then this Lesson is designed to be the easiest for First Timers!  

Singles or Groups Welcome!  Please let us know if you prefer to be solo.  No worries!  We want to make sure you are comfortable trying this out.  We make it EASY, so this is the best time to try! 

You can lay, kneel, and stand on these boards.  This is a great way to relax or exercise.  How you intend to use a Stand Up Paddle Board is completely up to you.  It can be fun or challenging and  a great way to enjoy nature, sun rain, animals, marine life, and of course water.  There is a reason it’s the fastest growing sport in the world.  Now, is your time to learn how fun and easy this is!

We will be doing these full professional hands on lessons for only $20 per person or $30 for 2.  Call our showroom: (954) 440-4562 for some awesome Lessons!  

Other learning options and activities are available; just ask!