Brian Galton
Brian GaltonCEO, Founder, Master Instructor, All Tours and Trashy Tuesday, and 7 Mile Paddle Specialty Paddles
BORN: Cleremont, Florida

HOBBIES: Playing with dog “Snickers”, Cooking, Fantasy Football, Beach Volleyball, SUP

Brian is a Florida Native born in Clearmont, FL and also spent 8 years in Jacksonville before moving to Richmond Virginia growing up and attending VCU! While he loved his Executive Position in VA he knew his true desire was to live near a tropical beach and actually gave a 5 year resignation notice before slecting Fort Lauderdale to begin a new life. Searching for a tropical job was a challenge that ended in an instance. The first year of business was spent studying Fort Lauderdale Beaches, Rivers, Ordinances, and Businesses in order to bring the best opportunity for success in the rapidly growing Paddleboard Industry. Sunrise Paddleboards then launched its first location at Beach Place knowing how important location is. The company has not looked back and has already been selected as “Best In Town” by a major TV Affiliate, who shot a video made for ABC TV, as seen on the Home Page. Brian created the World Famous “Venice Of America” Paddleboard Tour in addition to all available Menu Activites that are within. He appreciates good honest people and if you love working on the water, then he request that you contact him about opportunities with Sunrise Paddleboards including expansions to other tropical locations. Needless to say, Brian loves the Sun and Ocean and adds Volleyball, Concerts, Cooking, Happy Hours, and Fantasy Football as his favorite other hobbies!

Our Valuable Team Members

Jamin Widener
Jamin WidenerGeneral Manager, Instructor, Board Repair Specialist
BORN: Tacoma, Seattle

HOBBIES: Weight Lifting, Cardio, Loves NFL (Seahawks), MLB (Mariners), and UFC Fights

Jamin is originally from the Tacoma/Seattle area of Washington. He has been around boats and water his whole life but he needed to be around warmer tropical water and year round sun. He moved to Sunny Isles Beach, FL with his 13 year old son. Jamin was hired on to be the full time shop manager for reservations and customer service. He does instructional tours when needed. Jamin absolutely loves the sun and being on and in the water, as well he loves football, baseball, and he boxed for 8 years, but there is absolutely nothing better to him than a couple drinks with good friends and good people and watching the UFC fights. Fitness is very important to him and soon he is going to start up a fitness and core class on the boards in the water. Now that is going to be a blast!!

John Watkins
John WatkinsInstructor, Venice Of America, Island City ECO Paddle, Snorkel and Reef Tours
BORN: Fort Lauderdale, FL

HOBBIES: Fishing, Diving, Surfing, Skateboarding, Paddleboard Racing

John is a native Floridian born in Fort Lauderdale and currently resides in Pompano Beach. He has been stand up paddle boarding for over three years and has competed in four races, the biggest being the Miami Orange Bowl Paddle. An avid fisherman, John also enjoys competing SUP offshore fishing tournaments and has won in the Individual Division last year. We are happy that John wishes to educate our customers with his vast knowledge of techniques and industry information while making your experience as easy and fun as possible. John invites you to join him in our upcoming SUP Races sponsored by Sunrise Paddleboards. John conducts Lessons and our world famous “Venice Of America” Tour every Saturday.

Josh Krasner
Josh KrasnerInstructor - Island City 'ECO' Paddle, Reef Paddle and Snorkel Tour
BORN: Alabama, Raised in South Florida

HOBBIES: Fishing, Wake-boarding, Snorkeling

Born in Alabama raised in South Florida my whole life, I have a true love for the outdoors especially the ocean. I enjoy fishing, wake-boarding, snorkeling, and many other water related activities, as well as art I go to many art festivals and events. I also have strong compassion for animals particularly marine life. I am very positive, friendly, and socially outgoing I go to many concerts and night life events so can offer many places to go for tourist.

Vanessa Munley
Vanessa MunleyInstructor, Paddle Board YOGA / Paddle Board Fitness
Vanessa Munley was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She was a trained, competitive gymnast since 6 years old. She later went on the receive a full scholarship to Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for Track and Field. She received her Bachelor’s in Theatre and Psychology. After graduation, she decided to pursue her acting career in New York City. She furthered her knowledge in theatre, and auditioned often while living in the city. She also got her certifications in Personal Training, Nutrition, Yoga, and USAG Gymnastics Coach. After 3 years in New York City, life took her back to the beach! She continues to audition for acting and modeling roles here in South Florida and works at UFC Gym and Sunrise PaddleBoards teaching yoga and fitness classes. She enjoys going to the beach with her dog, flipping and doing handstands, and most of all hanging out with her family.
Torrey Rozycki
Torrey RozyckiWeb Designer
Torrey was born in Minneapolis, MN. He has a devotion for his son and loves being a father and role model.

Torrey is a self driven Web Tech that enjoys the challenge of learning new Internet Technical Changes. He is a perfect for SUP because he can’t wait to get our from behind the computer, so you will likely meet him on one of our Full Moon Paddles or cleaning the river on Trashy Tuesdays. You may also find him at coffee shops meeting with one of his many clients assisting with normal Internet Biz.

Torrey is a great asset and we appreciate his volunteer efforts in the community and for friends alike..

Katie Potigeter
Katie PotigeterInstructor
BORN: San Jose, CA

HOBBIES: Bartending, Hiking, Cycling, Hot Yoga, Camping and Water Sports

Katie was renting our boards and bringing so many friends with her that it was a no-brainer to invite her to the Team! She has a constant warm smile and is a complete magnet for fun! Her Leadership is obvious as she has always been that person who coordinates the group events. She is a natural when it comes to organizing fun activities and we are very excited to have her lead our Full Moon Paddle (See Activity Menu). Katie found Fort Lauderdale when she had a desire to be near warm weather and water; we are no longer surprised how many visitors come here all the way from Michigan. Yes, she is that much fun that everyone cant wait to hang out with her again and again. At least that’s what we can see! She would be much humbler and is a true friend for everyone to meet! Check out a Full Moon Paddle soon or you can request to take one of her Tours or Lessons. Call our showroom if you wish to request her! Katie also works another job, so private lessons must be scheduled in advance!